Week of May 1st to 5th, 2017

Last week I was not able to blog because of a trip to St. Augustine, FL. I was sick for most of the week, so there wasn’t much to blog about anyway.

Monday: On Monday I went to book club again, before a Wings Way of Adventure check-in. We have to ask a stranger for a coffee date and ask them about their work and life. We decided to meet on Wednesday to discuss this further. I messed around for a few minutes, watched a game that Charlotte learned in Mont-Libre ALC, and took a student-led gymnastics class before school was over.

Tuesday: Book club again, Duolingo, meeting regarding the backpacking trip on the 18th, helped some people understand a game called Iota.(I have work to do after this, so I’ll be brief.)

Wednesday: ChangeUp went rather well, I played Iota again, and Amy Steinberg was unable to make it for her scheduled offering.

Thursday: After a Mica’s Art without Mica (my brother was sick and she needed to stay home) we walked to Veterans Park. We played games. It was fun.

Friday: After book club, we biked to Amelie’s Bakery*. I like that place very much. We just got back.

*I did not have time for the accent over the first ‘e’.

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