Week of Apr. 18th to 21st, 2017

After a spring break that felt much longer than it actually was, school is back in and we immediately got back on track.

No school on Monday.

Tuesday: After excitedly greeting everyone and getting back into my routine, we started reading a book by @katecake’s father. It’s titled The Legend of Mr. Creepy, and it seemed everyone quite enjoyed it. Immediately after that, I attended a Culture Committee meeting about welcoming the ALC-NYC visitors, which was coincidentally interrupted by their arrival. Once they were acclimated, I worked on Duolingo (while @tessao danced and meowed intensely in the middle of the room) and geometry before Anatomy and Physiology and crossfit.

Wednesday: On Wednesday morning, I facilitated ChangeUp. It was a moderately simple task, but extremely enjoyable and tiring at the same time. This was the first ChangeUp that was split into two parts, the second one optional, and it went rather well. I felt like the combination of my being somewhat tired and my lack of any preparation or experience made it slightly difficult, but I was told by several people that they did not notice. After ChangeUp, I went to Writer’s Workshop and practiced Duolingo and geometry while people in the room played Balderdash.

Thursday: After an entertainingly unorganized meeting about the Wings group trip to St. Augustine, FL, we went on a ‘hike’ in Uptown Charlotte. We walked to the library, and then to Romare Bearden Park, and stayed there for a while. I fell asleep, and the time I was awake there was still longer than our total walking time. We returned to school and CHARLOTTE WAS BACK FROM CANADA. After we went to crossfit there was a wonderful potluck at Jess’s house.

Friday: Today I listened to The Legend of Mr. Creepy again, played a game by @liam, who I now want to meet eventually. That was most of the day.

I might not blog next week because the St. Augustine trip leaves Friday morning next week.

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