Week of Mar. 27th to 31st, 2017

The website was not working for us temporarily, so this post was typed up On the 31st at around 13:25 and copied into the blog. I have also been very tired this (last) week.

Monday: On Monday I listened to Bud, not Buddy again, and managed to stay awake until Reader’s Workshop. After a trip to the park, I did a bit of work and Duolingo and went home feeling very tired.

Tuesday: After listening to the book again, I realized I didn’t have the energy to do cooking class, and ate until a meeting with Dean about a surfing trip in June. After the meeting, I went to Writer’s Workshop before getting my geometry and Duolingo done. There was no Anatomy and Physiology class, so I stayed at school until crossfit.

Wednesday: My mother came in to make dream catchers with paper plates, beads, and string. It was more well-received than we expected. After that, I did my geometry work until Dean had another meeting about an all-day art/music/play event Wednesday, April 5th. After the meeting, the Wing group continued Blake Boles’ Way of Adventure challenges before Gratitude Circle a very difficult (no further comment) ChangeUp, the events of which unfortunately fell on the new student facilitators, Tessa and Elisha. They did very well for the situation they had to deal with.

Thursday: The hike on the Greenway in Charlotte was fun. It was easier and calmer, except when two students managed to top the ‘event’ from Wednesday, but everyone was fine after everything was discussed. I swung and flipped Tessa around at the park, and managed to lift several students on my back and even up on my shoulders. After the hike, I waited at school for a while until crossfit.

Friday: Today I listened to the book again, went to my first Culture Committee meeting about what happened on Wednesday, messed around for a bit, did more work on Duolingo, and threw Tessa a bit more. I am typing this now at 13:50 (yes that took twenty-five minutes before editing), aware that the website is currently down. I will be at Mystery Science until 15:30.

Next Tuesday (as of posting this has happened) I am going to see the play Bud, not Buddy and Wednesday Dean is having a big event at the park.

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