Week of Apr. 3rd to 6th, 2017

I am blogging on Thursday because I am going to go to the Raptor Center tomorrow. Spring break is next week.

Monday: First I listened to the last Bud, not Buddy chapters before the play on Tuesday. Then an assortment of things happened (jumbled together), including @tessao giving me a personality quiz/physical exam just because I had free time, Duolingo, and talking to loud people. Then the Wings group continued Blake Boles’ The Way of Adventure course. We got to an outdoor challenge and decided to do it later. It ended up happening today. Then a meeting about students facilitating ChangeUp.

Tuesday: I will try to make the rest of this brief. Decided not to do mystery science, worked on Duolingo until the play. Bud, not Buddy as an Imaginon play was not bad, and it followed the book at least most of the way. Got back in time for clean up, Anatomy and Physiology, and crossfit.

Wednesday: The first morning ChangeUp after a decision to move it. After that, Dean had an all day music/art/play event called the Space Jam (Because we’re, like, jamming the space, dude, get it?) Which was exciting for a while until it got rained on. It rained very very heavily. The day was still fun.

Thursday: Today I made a plaster hand mold, watched @alobob run around with his arms in his pants running like a chicken, worked on Duolingo, and went to the library to complete the Way of Adventure challenge (more on this in the next post, in about 2 minutes). Then, I started this.

All right, On to the next post. School will return Tuesday, April 17th.

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