The Way of Adventure challenges: Library

Blake Boles’ The Way Of Adventure (page: Library)

Choose a subject that you want to learn more about, go to the librarian, and ask for recommendations. This can be  something you’ve been studying for a while, or something brand new. Or you can just ask them to recommend the most fascinating book that’s come out recently.

Take a selfie with the librarian and one book that they helped you find and add it to your portfolio (as its own page or blog post).

This is a rushed, awkward picture. I could not quite figure out the camera, but we got it and ran out.

From left: @alonalearning, our unfortunate victim, myself, and @libby.

You must expect a painfully awkward result of a transaction between strangers if said strangers are teenagers and librarians. I am sorry you had to see that.

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