Week of Mar. 6th to 10th, 2017

I am using a day planer book to be able to take on more work and make sure I don’t get dangerously unoccupied. Spring break part 1 is over. Crossfit will return next week.

No school on Monday.

Tuesday: Finally back from break, the whole school quickly began reassimilate. Set the week was refreshing, and it was surprisingly easy to carry on as if the break had never happened. Wings spawn point was just as nice, followed by meetings for book club and the summer road trip. After a slightly less exciting Writers Workshop, I organized some bookshelves and crossed that out of my planner just before cleanup.

Wednesday: I had to wake up at 05:30 on Wednesday morning because my brother left for a three-day trip to the Barrier Islands. My mother came in and presented a mandala making/coloring event at 10:00. I organized another bookshelf and organized the yarn in the craft bin. Afterwards, I went to the park and played soccer until Gratitude Circle and ChangeUp.

Thursday: Yesterday I went on a very fun urban hike in central Charlotte. It was filled with stops at parks and wasn’t really that much of a hike at all. Notable moments include walking into a lamppost, being a parasol, and @alobob accidentally running into my hand (and being chopped in the process) so hard that he fell flat and I had to make sure my hand was intact. It was exciting and fun throughout.

Friday: Today I was not feeling very well, but I managed to have Wings spawn point, go to the supermarket to help get the materials for the cooking class, organize another bookshelf, take a test prep, learn a few basic gymnastics maneuvers from @tessao and @animalfreak9, help some woodworking projects, sharpen a few pencils and write this post. I am still feeling worse than I have for the rest of the week, but considering the amazing week I had, that isn’t saying much.

Next week, I will hopefully feel happier.

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