Week of Feb. 13th to 17th, 2017

(I apologize for posting this a bit late)

Last week we did not blog because there was no school on Friday and we did not plan ahead. This week we are blogging on Thursday because we were going to have a snow tubing trip tomorrow, but it was cancelled. We will still go on a trip tomorrow anyway.

Monday: On Monday I listened to Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I enjoyed it very much. Not a lot happened until the afternoon. After a (rather boring) park visit, we had a school dance in the church’s ballroom, during which… things… occurred. Yes. A few plate-throwing fights and bad song suggestions later, we went back into the school building and went home.

Tuesday: Listened to A Series of Unfortunate Events again, and went to a cooking class during which we made no-bake jar cheesecake, which was very very very good. I will definitely make that again at home. Find the recipe on the ALC Mosaic Facebook page if you want it. Afterward, I went to a fun and interesting Writers Workshop before Anatomy & Physiology and crossfit.

Wednesday: On Wednesday my mother came in to offer ‘stained glass’ art, which involved glass jars, tissue paper, and Mod-Podge. Just about everyone seemed to like it. Nothing was scheduled for the rest of the day, and I was very stressed/difficult to manage and had to be pulled aside for a conference until just before Gratitude circle and ChangeUp.

Thursday: Today I went on a lovely hike at Boyce Park. It was short, but very scenic and fun. We played in the field for a while after the trail and then came back here.

In lieu of the snow tubing trip, tomorrow we will go ice skating.

Week of Jan. 31st to Feb. 3rd, 2017

I apologize for the slight delay of this post. I am waiting outside to be picked up and it is very cold.

No school on Monday.

Tuesday: We had to fit a few more things into the week because of the day off on Monday. I watched the movie version of Bridge to Terabithia, attended a cooking class, and cleaned up early to go to Anatomy and Physiology before crossfit.

Wednesday: On Wednesday my mother came in to offer a meditative drawing class, which went over very well. I attended Writer’s Workshop and @ariana’s birthday celebration before ChangeUp.

Thursday: In the morning we went on a hike in Cowpens, SC and learned about the Battle of Cowpens during the Revolutionary War. I enjoyed learning about the double envelopment strategy. After we returned to school, I almost immediately went to crossfit.

Friday: Today @ariana’s father Armin came to tell us about his life as a refugee and eventual immigrant in the U.S. escaping the Bosnian War. It was an interesting and powerful story. Not very much else happened today, and now I am here, outside, waiting to be picked up by my father.

I am, as always, anxiously looking forward to next week.