Week of Jan. 22nd to 27th, 2017

Monday: On Monday we finished reading Bridge to Terabithia. Several students were (understandably) crying by the end. I then went to the park and laid out a plan for my first Wings group sprint. I went to the library at the end of the day for my first Readers Workshop.

Tuesday: I attended cooking class in the morning before going to a rather uninteresting Comedia production of Snow White, which I did not know was aimed at a younger audience before I agreed to attend. I then went to my first Anatomy and Physiology class before going to crossfit.

Wednesday: In the morning, my mother presented an offering of making small books. She was pleased with the students and felt unusually content after the class go started. I then attended Writers Workshop and played capture the flag until ChangeUp.

Thursday: The entire day was spent on a hike at Kings Mountain. It was amazing. We returned to school and almost immediately went to crossfit. I am still a bit sore and tired.

Friday: Today I attended a cycling class, waiting for a while, and now I am here.

There will be no school at ALC Mosaic Monday the 30th.

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