Week of Jan. 16th to 20th, 2017

Monday: Monday was spent at the Harvey Gantt Center for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It was an exiting trip, and we were out of school for the entire day.

Tuesday: Listened to Bridge to Terabithia again and went to a very cleverly designed play at ImaginOn called The New Kid. The topic of racism is very important for children to understand, especially during a time like this. Arrived back at school and took a knife safety class in preparation for a cooking course. After school, I attended my first crossfit at Silver Wolf. Very tiring.

Wednesday: Started the day with a presentation about bicycling laws and rights. checked in with the Wings group and attended my first Writers Workshop. Celebrated the birthday of Kate Webster before gratitude circle and ChangeUp.

Thursday: Planned on going on a hike and attending crossfit, but the hike was cancelled, I had nothing to do, had a meltdown, and went home early for the first time. A strange and difficult day all around.

Friday: Today seemed to pick up very quickly. I entered solemnly and began to laugh with everyone before the first offering even started. Listened to Bridge to Terabithia again, discussed the incident yesterday, created Trello boards, and now I am writing this.

I will be attending the #WomensMarch in Charlotte with my family tomorrow.

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