Week of Jan. 9th to 13th, 2017

After a painful, almost comically long break, I am back and excited.

No school on Monday.

Tuesday: Attended a reading of Bridge to Terabithia in the morning. I attended two meetings about the futures of things I haven’t been to yet, and played Balderdash.

Wednesday: Listened to Bridge to Terabithia again, went to another meeting, and played a very very slow game of capture the flag before our ChangeUp meeting.

Thursday: The first half of the day was spent on my first school hike. I enjoyed everything about it, and I will try to go to every hike in the future.

Friday: Today I listened to Bridge to Terabithia again, went to the park, carved soap,and checked in with the Wings group before cleaning up and writing this post.

Next Monday will be spent at a museum for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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