Week of Jan. 22nd to 27th, 2017

Monday: On Monday we finished reading Bridge to Terabithia. Several students were (understandably) crying by the end. I then went to the park and laid out a plan for my first Wings group sprint. I went to the library at the end of the day for my first Readers Workshop.

Tuesday: I attended cooking class in the morning before going to a rather uninteresting Comedia production of Snow White, which I did not know was aimed at a younger audience before I agreed to attend. I then went to my first Anatomy and Physiology class before going to crossfit.

Wednesday: In the morning, my mother presented an offering of making small books. She was pleased with the students and felt unusually content after the class go started. I then attended Writers Workshop and played capture the flag until ChangeUp.

Thursday: The entire day was spent on a hike at Kings Mountain. It was amazing. We returned to school and almost immediately went to crossfit. I am still a bit sore and tired.

Friday: Today I attended a cycling class, waiting for a while, and now I am here.

There will be no school at ALC Mosaic Monday the 30th.

Notes from my Brainstorming Activity

These notes are from an activity I did with @tomis for his Wings group. He wrote down a category, I had a few minutes to write down what I thought of on sticky notes, and I stuck them to the paper. This went on for six categories, and I was asked to type my answers on this blog for reference at our meeting tomorrow. Here is what I wrote in that moment (notes are in no particular order):

Category 1: Things I know

  1. Facts
  2. Sciences
  3. Mathematics
  4. Self
  5. Feelings
  6. Experiences
  7. School system

Category 2: Things I want to know

  1. French
  2. Physics
  3. Engineering
  4. Biology
  5. Other humans
  6. Why things are made
  7. Why we act like we matter
  8. Chemistry
  9. Sciences and mathematics
  10. Superpositions
  11. Quantum Mechanics

Category 3: Skills I have

  1. Self-reflection
  2. Spatial reasoning/physical creativity
  3. Learning
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Problem solving
  6. Teaching
  7. Language

Category 4: Skills I want to have

  1. Agility (physical)
  2. Agility (mental)
  3. Empathy
  4. Understanding
  5. Comfort
  6. Awareness
  7. Sophistication
  8. Humility
  9. Objective reasoning
  10. Intelligence
  11. Memory

Category 5: Things I’ve done (places I’ve been, etc.)

  1. Protest march
  2. Grand Canyon
  3. Beach trip
  4. Built Frames
  5. Judo lessons
  6. Fairs
  7. Trip to Cozumel

Category 6: Things I want to do (places to go, etc.)

  1. France (Nantes?)
  2. Go to college, get a doctorate
  3. Aquariums
  4. Chicago
  5. Submarine trip
  6. Invention workshops
  7. Hang gliding?
  8. Cave trips
  9. Factories
  10. Skydiving?
  11. Conventions

That’s it. This data will probably be edited and transferred somewhere else very soon.

Week of Jan. 16th to 20th, 2017

Monday: Monday was spent at the Harvey Gantt Center for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It was an exiting trip, and we were out of school for the entire day.

Tuesday: Listened to Bridge to Terabithia again and went to a very cleverly designed play at ImaginOn called The New Kid. The topic of racism is very important for children to understand, especially during a time like this. Arrived back at school and took a knife safety class in preparation for a cooking course. After school, I attended my first crossfit at Silver Wolf. Very tiring.

Wednesday: Started the day with a presentation about bicycling laws and rights. checked in with the Wings group and attended my first Writers Workshop. Celebrated the birthday of Kate Webster before gratitude circle and ChangeUp.

Thursday: Planned on going on a hike and attending crossfit, but the hike was cancelled, I had nothing to do, had a meltdown, and went home early for the first time. A strange and difficult day all around.

Friday: Today seemed to pick up very quickly. I entered solemnly and began to laugh with everyone before the first offering even started. Listened to Bridge to Terabithia again, discussed the incident yesterday, created Trello boards, and now I am writing this.

I will be attending the #WomensMarch in Charlotte with my family tomorrow.

Week of Jan. 9th to 13th, 2017

After a painful, almost comically long break, I am back and excited.

No school on Monday.

Tuesday: Attended a reading of Bridge to Terabithia in the morning. I attended two meetings about the futures of things I haven’t been to yet, and played Balderdash.

Wednesday: Listened to Bridge to Terabithia again, went to another meeting, and played a very very slow game of capture the flag before our ChangeUp meeting.

Thursday: The first half of the day was spent on my first school hike. I enjoyed everything about it, and I will try to go to every hike in the future.

Friday: Today I listened to Bridge to Terabithia again, went to the park, carved soap,and checked in with the Wings group before cleaning up and writing this post.

Next Monday will be spent at a museum for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.