Week of Dec. 19th to 23rd, 2016

This is the last week before winter break.

Monday: Tested “really bad art game”. It was not a success. attended a Wings presentation, played Balderdash, and stayed the night at school.

Tuesday: Woke up, got ready, and continued working. Played Twister and Pictionary telephone, and participated in an optional screen free day.

Wednesday: Today we visited our future campus. I was very impressed, and we all applauded Tomis for signing the contract after working on it for so long.

Mosaic will be back on January 10th, 2017.

Week of Dec. 12th to 16th, 2016

Monday: My first day as an official student. I quickly adapted to this phenomenal environment. The offered activities that I attended were the Wings setup and a game called “werewolves” that was not very well organized. The game fell apart in ten minutes.

Tuesday: I started off in a strange way, using my self-motivation ‘skills’ to literally change my attitude/outlook overnight (this is not as useful an ability as it seems) and the day went well The offered activities that I attended were watching the movie version of The Giver, Balderdash, and an optional screen-free hour.

Wednesday: With a new plan set, I was ready to give myself a little time to relax. The offered activities that I attended were Soap felting, screen free hour, and gratitude circle/ChangeUp*.

Thursday: Most of the other students were on a hike. I had the most boring day so far. I will never stay at school for those again.

Friday: Today, as I write this, was wonderful. My plans are all at full tilt and I feel practically invincible for some reason. The offered activities that I attended were an Indian restaurant and this blogging session.

I look forward to next week, though the break begins on Thursday.

*Change up is usually written as “Δ↑”, which is just amazingly clever.